On the list for January 2017

After a 2016 wrap up, let’s look a little over what’s coming for 2017 – January.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and research and I’ve decided to expend a little the discussion about books to the audio section as well. So starting this year I’ll start writing reviews for audiobooks. Not yet sure how those will come up, I haven’t really started my first audiobook, but I’ll come back and keep you updated this week. I’ll start some other activities outside of book blogging that require some of my time, so listening to some great story while doing something else seems like a good idea now.

I’m quite excited about the upcoming section of author interviews. I’m still deciding on a name for that one… “Author interviews”, “Author Q&A” just doesn’t sound up my alley. Anyways, my first guest will be Q. L. Pierce. I was really nervous because I did not want to ask the same questions she always hears so I really hope I did a decent job with this one.

I will also do some small adjustments to the Review Policy section and I also plan on writing not only book reviews, but also something else, book related. News, small articles related to quotes from the books I read and so on. Not yet sure how these will come out either but I’ll just go with the flow J Of course there will be a lot of book promos, reveals and blitzes as usual.

So here is my TBR for January:

  1. Light in My Dark – William Dresden and Jean Gilbert
  2. Sweet – Lisa Hahn
  3. Carnal Obsession: His Heart’s Prisoner – Reily Garret
  4. Ten Years Later – Lisa Marie Latino
  5. Apparitions – Rebekah S. Fiore
  6. Jadeite’s Journey – Lucinda Stain
  7. Frost – Kaitlyn Davis
  8. Heartbreaker – Stacy Kennedy

Starting also my TBL (To Be Listened):

  1. Anomalies – Sadie Turner and Colette Freedman

I have two more titles here but since I do not have the files yet, I’ll not add them.

January looks to be a busy month for me and LBW. Come back from time to time to check on my progress if something spiked your interest, or if you simply want to talk about books or any other stuff J

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