Book Review: Light in My Dark



About the Book

Title: Light In My Dark

Author: William Dresden and Jean Gilbertlimd-epup-cover

Genre: YA Fantasy

Sixteen-year-old Harper Deveraux has longed for an adventure ever since her mother died of cancer four years ago. Much to her dismay, she is stuck in Glen Eden, a small mountain town in upstate New York that does little to fuel her hopes and dreams.

Another year of high school has begun, and with the Moon Dance only a few weeks away, Harper suddenly finds herself torn between the affections of two boys: her best friend Jack, and a new boy from the City named Knes who might not be from this world.

Strange things begin to happen in Glen Eden when Harper uncovers a mystery that involved her mother and a realm shrouded in darkness that lies beyond the wall… A realm that Knes intends to take her to. Only Jack stands in his way.

Light In My Dark, is an action-packed modern YA fantasy, filled with dark forces, love, and self-discovery.

My Review:

An interesting read for the holiday season, this book throws us into a fantastic land, with a mysterious history that was left out of our books. While Harper tries to help the newcomer Knes integrate, she is dragged into his world and tries to figure out the connections between him and her dead mother. Harper’s best friend Jack sees some potential danger in the good looking guy from the city. Fueled by jealousy and concern for the girl he liked, he decides to uncover Knes’ story.

There are a lot of descriptive passages which sometimes are welcomed since they bring light to life on Noes, but there were also some scenes which did not need to be precisely told. There were times while reading it when I felt tired. But since half way through the book I still didn’t know much of the story, I went all the way till the end.

I liked how the authors decided to introduce Harper to the world beyond the wall, before Knes’ confession. So when he tells her the truth, she goes with him, more for her mother than for him. Jack goes head-on into the stage land, but lucky for him there are some on his side.

The characters are quite nice, Jack is my favorite since he’s trying to be there for Harper, even if she is clueless of his true feelings. He supports her decision of helping Knes integrate and even after she dumps him on the school dance to go with the “intruder”, he still doesn’t have any mean thoughts towards her. Harper and Knes make an intriguing combination. She feels some kind of attraction for him, but there are still some cells in her brain that ring “Danger”.

Well, it was quite a nice book to read. Hope you like too. Pop in to leave a comment and chat!


Authors Bios

William Dresden is an author and award-winning screenwriting. He spent several years as a script doctor and pursued the dream of writing hollywood blockbusters. Now he mostly writes fiction and enjoys spending time with his family and friends. William currently lives in Virginia with his wife and two children.

Jean Gilbert is an award winning speculative fiction writer from New Zealand. She is a Core member of SpecFicNZ, and is also the coordinator for SpecFicNZ Central. Jean’s novels include the Vault Agency Series: Shifters, Ardus, and The Vault. You can find her short stories Blonde Obsession in Baby Teeth: Bite Size Tales of Terror, and Pride in the Contact Light Anthology.










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