Just a check-in

Hey guys,

I have not been keeping up with my tours lately, mostly because my job kept me busy (or at least made me tired enough to not be able to read as much as I would). So for the next period, I’ll not be involved in as many blog tours as I would like, mostly because in the last two weeks I was not able to keep my appointments.

So that being said, I apologize to my partners for not being able to maintain the schedule.

I have received a lot of ARCs from authors and as I was mentioning in another post, they will have priority. Also, my focus will be Romance (and all Romance related) and YA – I feel it’s easier for me to choose a Romance or YA book in a pile of titles. I noticed as well that it’s easier for me to listen to books that are out of my comfort zone than reading them. So I have some audiobook tours that I will be involved in which cover different genres.

I will come back with my April TBR these days. That’s it for now, enjoy Sunday and happy reading J

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