Unboxing + Book Review: Identity Publications

Before continuing with this review, let me mention that this is my first non-fiction book that I write about on my blog. I am not an expert on this type of books, it is just something I love to read about, especially if the subject is of interest to me.

I have received this book, together with some other interesting ones from the publisher, in exchange for my thoughts and I would like to thank them for taking the time and effort to send me these great titles. So here are my unboxing pictures and sorry for not including the complete sealed package, just that my address is on both sides and I have no chance to take a clean picture J

All these books will have a review on my blog, but let’s take them one at a time, shall we? 🙂

Book Review: Loving Ordinary Life

About the book:LovingOrdinaryLife


Title: Loving Ordinary Life

Author: Anastasia Petrenko

Published: October 12th 2017 by Identity Publications

Source: ARC received from the publisher

Format: paperback


Loving Ordinary Life is written for us: living, emotional people.

We all want to live a happy life, but we can easily fall into a state of despondency. We prefer to smile, but more often we frown.

We like being inspired, but most likely, we can’t recall the last time when we were.

There are many books and courses about self-motivation and inspiration. You might have heard hundreds of platitudes and affirmations. Each of them sounds valid but their utility is limited when you actually find yourself stuck in a pit of pain and despair.

Loving Ordinary Life is meant to make a functional difference. It’s not a treatment for depression. It is about living a life where depression has no place.

Loving Ordinary Life is your guide. It is designed so that you can open any page and find the inspiration to act and improve your life when you’re feeling down.

Each chapter in Loving Ordinary Life is a tool for moving from a negative idle state to a positive proactive state. It displays to you the art of being present, free, and genuine every day.

If you want to be more fulfilled and enjoy life more, if you’re open to quality changes, Loving Ordinary Life will become your loyal companion.

Everything is within your power. You are the master of your life. How you experience it depends only on you. Take the lead.

“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”

Marcus Aurelius

Check it on: Amazon & Goodreads

My Review:

In the meantime, I’ve managed to finish one of the titles in this box, and that is “Loving Ordinary Life” by Anastasia Petrenko, a book intended to lift to lift your spirits and even hare some tips on how to know one’s feelings or reactions better.

What I mostly love about it is how it encourages us to open up to what makes us feel good and happy and not to be afraid of being sad or down. Life is made of high and lows, happiness and sadness, but what is important is how we manage to bring ourselves from that down point to a floating line. And we can achieve that by getting to know ourselves better.

The introduction defines so well the purpose of this book it is not intended to guide us towards complete happiness or be a manual on how to handle mental health issues. It just gives some hints on how to make our life more comfortable and learn to enjoy the beauty in all that surrounds us.

Going through each chapter, I’ve learned some things that I can easily apply for myself and as well advices on how to support my friends when they are at their lowest. These were some easy steps that can even be fun to implement.

I must admit though that I was not very comfortable with the illustrations. While they bring color to the text, they are a bit childish and sometimes even distracting. That’s my only reason not to give all my stars.

To sum up, reading Anastasia Petrenko’s book has inspired and encouraged me to pay more attention to what makes me happy and it really boosted my optimism. I’ve learned as much as the author intended to disclose, so I believe it has reached its purpose.


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