Book Review: The Trouble with Love


About the book:the trouble with love


Title: The Trouble with Love

Author: Cheri Champagne

Published: January 31st 2017 by Pandamoon Publishing

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Lady Bridget Mason is hopelessly in love with her best friend, Major Charles Bradley. Since his return from war, however, something has changed him. He has stopped returning her letters, he gives her the cut direct, and when forced to interact with her, he is rude and downright unconscionable. Her hopes for a marriage with Charles have been heartbreakingly dashed.

The troubled hero…

Major Charles Bradley is in a fix. The very same men that kidnapped his sister and her new husband a few months past have given him a warning. They are coming after Bridget. He’d done his best to keep his two identities separate, but they are determined to clash. Despite doing his utmost to push Bridget away for her protection, his love for her has been discovered by his unnervingly indomitable enemy.

Their perilous love…

Charles must face his greatest challenge; he must protect Bridget at any cost. But, will his love’s big secret and Charles’ horrid treatment of her prove the task impossible?

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My Review:

I have started the “Mason Siblings Series” with book number two and by the time this review goes live, I would have finished book no. 3. Let me say this because otherwise I’ll forget. The way Cheri Champagne waves in the current story bits and pieces from the next book is fabulous. I like it, I like her! Ok, back to the book at hand.

Here we are, with the story of another Mason. Lady Bridget Mason has had her heart broken by her best friend and love, Major Charles Bradley, not only when he chose war over her, but also when his promises of marriage prove to be just words. Major Bradley is struggling to keep the love of his life away from his alter ego. But when this becomes impossible, me must find a way to protect her. A great love story, with a heavy dose of mystery and action, “The Trouble with Love” is just amazing.

Lady Bridget is unusually strong and determined for a lady of that era. It seems her only weakness are the feelings she has for Charles. The only times we see tears from her are when she is remined of her love or when she is worried for his safety. She knows how to behave in society, how to make use of her charms and even how to do some other… man-related activities.

Major Bradley tries his best to push back his love and lust for Lady Bridget, while keeping his secret activities…. Secret. But at some point, this becomes difficult to do. Then he will try to convince her he still cares. They are an explosion of emotions together. They are like fuel and flame. And I love it.

The war against Napoleon, the conspiracies from that period, are gently intertwined with the love story. Our author has done her fair share of documentation and for that she deserves my appreciation.

All in all, this was an amazing book, written by an amazing author. A bit of a spoiler from my next review, book no. 3 is even better. I loved it and if you like historical romance, this book should be a must for you.


About the Authorcheri champagne

I started writing as a child, and began reading historical romance novels at the age of fifteen. Finally, I combined my two passions and began writing steamy and suspenseful romances. I live in BC, Canada, with my husband, four young children, and our dog.

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