Tome Topple Wrap-Up


Not a success at all, but a fun experience!

 I was so ready and so excited to participate. I’d even had all the books lined up and could have completed most of the challenges (link to my TBR is here). However I didn’t even manage to finish one book! I spent the first week doing my best to finish “Stronger Within” by Coral McCallum, but I could not, so I set it aside. Then I picked up “Indiscretion” by Hannah Fielding, which is a lovely book. Or at least it is, as far as I’ve went through.

 “Stronger Within” unfortunately has made me loose some of that enthusiasm, as I could not connect with the story or with the characters at all. Please, if someone has read it, give me an impulse to go on finishing it because right now, I have nothing.

 “Indiscretion” is a completely different story. It gives such great descriptions of Spain and its culture. The emotions are there, so I am moving forward to finish it these days.

 So here are my results, which I am not proud of:

  1. Books on my TBR: 4

Completed: None (Zero, Nada, Niente!!!)

  1. Total page count in TBR: 2,062

Completed: 534 (yey, only 26%! *Rolling eyes*)

  1. Challenges that could have been completed: 3

Completed: see item 1

 On the bright side, I had so much fun interacting with the hosts and participating in the sprints. I will definitely participate again in the next rounds, hopefully with better books! Happy reading!

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