November Wrap Up


Hello everyone and welcome to another TBR on my blog! Warm hugs and wishes on such a cold weather (at least on my part of the world)! This article was supposed to come live a week ago but I’ve been spending my time catching up to my engagements for some blog tours and lately I’ve been dealing with a nice cold. But here I am, wrapping up the last month of autumn (again, in my part of the world).

In the month of November I was supposed to read the amazing amount of 22 books (see my TBR article here), out of which I’ve actually read 15.  Not my best month at all, since 4 out of these ones have been in audio format. I don’t know, I’ve been missing out on all the reading and I’ve missed my Kindle App also. Here is the list of the 15 titles with links to my reviews:

  1. Whiskey Witches by S.M. Blooding (Whiskey Witches, Book 1)wrapup11
  2. Rimrider by L.A. Kelley (Rimrider Adventures, Book 1)
  3. Blood Moon Magick by S.M. Blooding
  4. A Heavenly Christmas by Patrice Wilton (A Heavenly Christmas #1)
  5. Bound by Shadows by Reily Garrett (McAllister Justice #2)
  6. Beneath the Lake by Casi McLean (Lake Lanier Mysteries #1)
  7. Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington (The Five Syndicates #1)
  8. Moonchild by Kate L. Mary (Moonchild, #1)
  9. Someone to Love by Patrice Wilton (A Heavenly Christmas #2)
  10. Catch Me If You Can by Miss Mae
  11. Soul Bound: The Warrior by Jas T. Ward
  12. Loving Ordinary Life by Anastasia Petrenko
  13. Intimacy On The Plate (Extra Trim Edition) by Olga Petrenko
  14. November Rain by Shannon A. Thompson (Bad Bloods #1)
  15. The Sweetheart Mystery by Cheryl Ann Smith (Brash & Brazen #4)


As for the results of the Tome Topple Readathon, let’s not get into that. If you are interested though, follow this lovely link (I will not tell you that I had a week off from work, because then I would have to stick my head in the sand of embarrassment and fury! )

There are some books that kick the passion out of a reader’s mood. But I am back loving those pages and I am currently reading “Indiscretion” by Hannah fielding. Yes, I am talking too much about it and taking too long to finish it, but I’m getting there.

I did however manage to update some of my long overdue reviews, so if you’ve seen me update the status of a book on Goodreads or Amazon but is not included here, it’s because those were some old titles read but not reviewed. I still have a few to post, but those ones will have an article on my blog also.

December is here, a new month, with new challenges. Until my next article, let me know what you have read in November and which was your favorite book.

Happy Reading!

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