December TBR


December already (actually mid-December, but… ok)? Time flies by my friends! Everybody is out looking for presents, shopping for anything they may or may not need, traffic jams, people being late because of that, ladies in supermarkets with nervous faces…

But also the joy in seeing our loved ones, in spending time with family and friends, the children smiling all over town, Christmas and best wishes flying around. That’s December!

Since I will have time away from the office, I’m taking on yet another ambitious TBR. I also have two announcements towards the end of my article, so stand by and bear with me until I lay my books to read in December:

  1. Strictly Surgical Mila Mesa (Doctor/Patient, #1)
  2. A Dark Inheritance by Erme Lander
  3. Shake Up: An Edison Bay Romance by Joyce Palmer
  4. Heart of Stone by Dakota Willink (The Stone Series #1)
  5. Mistletoe by Sarah Stein
  6. Erase by by J.Y. Barris
  7. Fragile Chaos by Amber R. Duell
  8. Stepping Stone by Dakota Willink (The Stone Series #2)
  9. Dolphin Magic by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley
  10. The Final Year Project by Mehana Usha Rani
  11. Mountain Wolf Protectors Complete Series by Emilia Hartley (Mountain Wolf Protectors #1 To #4)
  12. Dolphin Song by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley
  13. Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre
  14. A Wedding At Two Love Lane by Kieran Kramer (Two Love Lane #2)
  15. F Is for France: A Curious Cabinet of French Wonders by Piu Marie Eatwell
  16. The Staff of Fire and Bone by Mikko Azul
  17. Tell It Like It Is by Stanalei Fletcher (Northstar Security #5)
  18. No Place Like You by Emma Douglas (Cloud Bay #3)
  19. Girl Unseen by Athena Daniels (Beyond the Grave #3)
  20. The Duke by Katharine Ashe (Devil’s Duke #3)
  21. Travel as Transformation: Conquer the Limits of Culture to Discover Your Own Identity by Gregory V. Diehl
  22. Brand Identity Breakthrough: How to Craft Your Company’s Unique Story to Make Your Products Irresistible by Gregory V. Diehl

So these are my 22 books of December. Since putting this list together I have received three additional book review requests, which I hope to add in between these ones. I feel more confident than ever since my mood is improving with every good book I read.

I was mentioning about two announcements earlier. The first one is regarding a new book promotion company called Infinity Book Tours for whom I am making a little bit of promoting. If you want to know more about them, read my article here or follow the link in the promo box on the right side of this blog.


Second news is that I am co-hosting a readathon with a new friend of mine, The Bookish Fairy. She has created some time ago the Tackle That TBR readathon and this year she has invited me to co-hos with her. This is a great opportunity to follow up on all those long lost books on our TBR pile. We have an event page set up on Facebook (enter here) and as well a Twitter account @tacklethatTBR. I hope you’ll join us for a ton of fun, readingwise, during the holiday season.

Ok, time to wrap up this article! Let me know which books you plan on reading this month or what your plans of December are in the comments below and talk to you soon!


Happy (WINTER) Reading!

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