Book Review: Angels’ Whispers

About the book:Angels_whispers


Title: Angels’ Whispers

Author: J.F. Cain

Published: April 7th 2017

Source: received from the author in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Alex Meyers, a dynamic, global entrepreneur, has an advantage that no other human has ever had: he is protected by Aranes, the Superior of the Angels. While he is skiing, he dies in an avalanche, but his all-powerful protector breaks one of the ethereal world’s most important Rules and brings him back to life. Alex falls head over heels in love with the beautiful Angel, who appears to him in human form. But she disappears just as suddenly as she had appeared.

While he searches for Aranes, Alex discovers her true identity and that he actually might be the high-ranking Celestial Abaddon, who is mentioned in the Revelations prophecy as the one who will defeat Lucifer.

The man who fate has thrust among the world’s superpowers is now living a nightmare. He wants to evade Lucifer’s pursuit, find out who he truly is and once again see the only being he has ever loved. And the only way to do it is to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Angels’ Whispers is the beginning of an epic tale set in modern times. The eternal war between Light and Darkness is at a critical turning point: Angels and Demons, invisible to mortal beings, battle for dominance in the physical world, while Guardians, vampires and werewolves, who live among the humans, find themselves on opposing sides in a deadly power game.

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My Review:

This was another book that has been sitting on my TBR list for quite a while. And that’s too bad because I enjoyed it quite a lot.

So, as the blurb says, we have angels falling in love with humans, we have right and wrong, good and evil and broken rules. “Angels’ Whispers” is a complex book that touches a very delicate subject and even details it at some point: religion. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a theological writing, but a fantastic story about defeating evil at its core, with a touch of seriousness.

I liked the main characters very much. I liked their struggles too: Alex trying to understand how come he is still alive and who that mysterious woman that saved his life is and Aranes trying to respect the Celestial rules, fighting her attraction. But even the strongest of angels cannot defeat love. The real turn in the story comes when Alex understands exactly his role and his mission. But that is something to follow in the next book more thoroughly.

While the story focuses on our main characters and how they discover each other’s origins, religion is quite a debated subject. So it gives you something to think about between the reading breaks. And I liked that. Food for the brain!

On the negative side, this is not an easy book to read. It has little dialogue and a lot of descriptive paragraphs. I must admit that I got tired pretty quick and that’s why took me a while to finish it. After the first part, I got used to the style and I even skied a few lines here and there (hey! Don’t judge! You’ve done it too, at least once in your reading career, ok?!)

To keep this short, it definitely was an interesting read, with great characters. What would you expect when you have angels and demons? Thank you very much to the author for providing me a copy of this lovely book. My rating is 3.5 stars (rounded to 4).

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