2017 in Reverse


Here we are, in our last day of 2017. Another year has passed, with good, bad, amazing or terrifying moments. For me, it has been such an eventful year! I was in my lowest points and came back happier than ever. I was unorganized, but somehow managed to clean up my act. What started to be a year of conflict and confusion, ended up being a healing process, full of accomplishments.

When it comes to books and book blogging, I have experienced my worst reading slump ever! But at the end of it, I realized how much all this reviewing means to me and how much it changed me, not only as a reader, but as a person. I started with a goal of reading 70 books this year and ended up reading over 90, not all have been reviewed officially yet. I had books I’ve rated 2 stars, or even books I’ve DNFed. I’ve discovered Book Depository, become a BookTube addict and even started an Instagram account J I’ve taken some major steps as a book blogger.

Probably the best things that happened were receiving my first paperback copies of books to read and review. And those were some amazing books! But let’s not forget my first Illumicrate box (pictures are on my Instagram account). I was like a kid in Candy Land when I saw it.

I’ve grown up as a blogger. I’ve finally found a system I am comfortable with and also managed to track all my ARCs – of course, with Goodreads’ help. I now have shelves with my TBRs from 2016, 2017 and I even have my shelf with books I need to read in 2018. Yes, I have so many books I haven’t gotten to. But I will, I am slowly but surely reading all books I have outstanding.

Last but not least, I need to thank all those amazing people that have shaped me this year. Starting with all the authors that have put their trust in my reviews, my new bookish friends and mainly my special someone, who’s always there to encourage my crazy ideas or discourage the silly ones.

I wish you all a 2018 with many, many achievements, with fewer disappointments and great books! Life is the best gift we could have received, so we must make the most out of it. Beauty surrounds us in every little thing, in every insignificant detail on the cover of a book. We just need to open our eyes and see it.

Happy New Year to all!



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