Book Review: Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow


About the book:one for sorrow


Title: Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow

Author: P. G. Challis

Published: May 30th 2016 by Rowanvale Books Ltd

Source: Received in exchange for a review from Authorsdb

Format: e-copy


Benjamin is retired. Borell is drunk. Jackson Burns, a genius scientist and an old friend of Benjamin’s, is brutally robbed of an important and powerful device. The good news is only Jackson knows the secret to the device’s operation. The bad news is he’s now being hunted for this knowledge. Benjamin leaves retirement behind and returns to the secretive Society to protect his friend and recover the stolen device. Meanwhile, Borell, a talented thief and competent killer, is hired by a mysterious woman to find the same device. With his criminal past and immoral attitude, can he recover the device first, or have Benjamin and Borell been set on a collision course?

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My Review:

Secret organizations looking for a device that can produce a massive amount of energy, what could go wrong with this book? Well, nothing! It has a secret passage or a hiding place at every page turn. It has a lot of action and not a dull moment.

Our main character, Benjamin Sorrow, is a retired detective, ready to settle down into a quiet life. But, as old habits die hard, he still has his reflexes from back in the days. Little did he expect to have use of them.  But when his longtime friend and his father’s colleague is attacked and robbed, he decides to step in and help. His connections come in handy and doors are opened every time he needs support or backup.

The most interesting fact about this book is the multiple perspective aspect. We see Benjamin in action, but as well Borell’s actions, a guy sent by a different organization to recover the same device. They start with different levels of knowledge about the mission, but where one has more information, the other has more connections. So they balance each other somehow. If Ben is in to save his friend, the other is in to collect his paycheck. They are like two sides of a coin.

As in any fight, innocents are caught in the crossfire. Lilly, our scientist’s niece and her friend Andris are chased by the same people, although they are oblivious to what is happening at home.

G. Challis has created an amazing world, with spies, secrets and devices that can act as a rapid postal service and organizations inside organizations and so much more. It is more focused on the action than character development so if you are in the mood for a great mystery novel, “One for Sorrow” is your kind. Happy Reading!

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