Book Review: Daughter of the King

A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder. The uniting of two powerful clans.
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Award Winning Author Ashley York
Daughter of the King
Series: The Derbfine Series Book 3
Genre: Historical Romance
Publication Date: March 17, 2018
A mistaken identity. A gruesome murder. Was it self-defense? Or Regicide?
Trained as a warrior, Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch despises the trappings and demands of womanhood…
Selfish dreams need to be set aside for the good of the clan, but a shocking murder only causes more turmoil. Especially as she stands accused. With no one else to turn to, can Brighit find escape in the arms of her new husband or will he require she reveal her inner most secrets?
Darragh of Clan MacNaughton is expected to follow his father into kingship but has little desire for the coveted title…
His willful wife is another matter. He has great desire for her. Despite her denial, he sees her womanly virtues and it sets him afire to know her, both body and soul. Will she resist his overwhelming need to possess all of her?


My Review

What is not to love about this book? A romance as strong as time, good characters and good plot. Oh, and the Irish aspect of it all offers a delight to the reader. So yes, I liked it.

I always like good romance books. I always love when authors bring that something to the story that keeps me reading and reading. This is what happened to me with “Daughter of the King”, because I read it in one day. I was so captivated by the traditions, the bride and groom and the intrigue that I kept pushing for the end.

Brighit of Clan Cruadhlaoch has been promised as bride to Darragh of Clan MacNaughton, with the intention to unite the two clans. But the little Brighit would not be commanded as a child and will definitely not submit to anybody as a young woman. Darragh has got himself a feisty one, I tell ya! The night before her wedding, she gets into trouble and thus, her marriage starts off with a lie that would follow and torment her for the weeks to come.

The main characters are well developed. They both have a kind heart; even if Brighit’s rebellious personality causes trouble or Darragh’s legacy as a future leader of his clan imposes a strong personality. Still, out of the two, he has the most difficult task to win her trust. He proves his nobility and treats her with the respect she deserves as his wife. I loved him so so much! Brighit’s secret is what keeps her away from her husband and her fear of the repercussions her acts may bring upon her family. But they are both such a lovely couple.

The author has delighted us with a glimpse of Irish culture and as well dialect. Even if at the beginning it was a little hard to follow the particularities, I quickly became accustomed and even liked it. I would have liked to see more in regards to the traditions of those times however.

To summarize, this is a quick and lovely romance book, with a dose of Irish. Even if this is not the first book in the series, it can be easily read as a strand alone. I am a fan of Ashley York’s work now and I cannot wait to read more of the series. 5 stars and  Happy Reading J

About Ashley York

Ashley York

Award-winning author Ashley York writes historical romance full of passion and intrigue set in 11th and 12th century Ireland, Scotland, and England where life was wild and survival was never guaranteed.
Whether it’s in the mysterious ring forts of Éire, the Scottish Highlands, or the battle fields of Hastings her characters fight hard and play hard. Good or evil, primary or secondary, they all evoke strong emotional responses.
Passionate about history and research, York may tweak some historical facts (like the location of the Baron’s Rebellion), but the flavor of the time is undeniable. With heroes and heroines you’ll want to read about again and again, her stories are fresh and unpredictable but still finish with a satisfying HEA.
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