March Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

Some (including me) would argue that having 31 days in a month would be more than enough to read 20 books, especially taking into account my reading habits. Well, this was one of my worst reading months as of late (I think). Because of factors out of my control (like crappy time at the office and my health not being as great), I have managed to read 13 books out of the 33 I had planned. I was missing 5 more from my TBR, so at least I managed to include those. Without further lamentations, let’s see the titles I did manage to read:


  1. The Final Enemy by Dan Petrosini (audio format)
  2. Breakwater by Errin Stevens (audio format)
  3. Now That I’ve Found You by Bella Andre (audio format)
  4. Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall (e-copy)
  5. Since I Fell For You by Bella Andre (audio format)
  6. Thirsty by Mia Hopkins (e-copy)
  7. The Flames by Kyle Prue (audio format)
  8. Level Me Up by Lauren Helms (audio format)
  9. You Do Something To Me by Bella Andre (audio format)wrapup11
  10. Daughter of the King by Ashley York (e-copy)
  11. Deserving It by Angela Quarles (e-copy)
  12. Love’s Courage by Elizabeth Meyette (audio format)
  13. Three Lessons in Seduction by Sofie Darling (audio format)
  14. Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell (audio format)
  15. Ignited by A. M. Deese (e-copy)
  16. Beneath by Maureen A. Miller (e-copy)
  17. Right Kiss, Wrong Guy by Natalie Decker (e-copy)
  18. Right Text, Wrong Number by Natalie Decker (e-copy)


Yup, not proud of myself! I have some free days in April that will help redeem myself for this month. I have two books that I’ve started and not finished and some of the books in my March TBR were ARCs of titles that have released in March, so that’s awful from my end!


I’ll stop lingering now and get to reading! See ya soon 🙂

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