#24in48 Wrap Up

Yet another readathon completed. Now I know how much I can read in a weekend! To be honest, I could have achieved the 24 hours goal but family is always first place, especially my granny’s birthday (that took away almost 4 hours of reading). Being sleep deprived because of other factors did not help much either. But all in all, I am proud of what I managed to achieve and that I ticked 3 books from my TBR.



Oh, you don’t know what’s on my TBR for July? Well, of course you don’t know because I have not posted a TBR this month. The reason is …in some of my Twitter posts, so those of you who follow me there should know it (@lillysbooks) since I have been complaining for a while.

Ok, back to the readathon wrap up. This was my first participation and I enjoyed it very much. The best part is that the team behind 24in48 is so friendly and managed to keep us engaged. They are amazing hosts and I cannot wait to go another round. Too bad the next one is announced for January 2019. For details and a glimpse at how this round went, wither check the Twitter account (which is where I followed the action) and as well the web page.

Here is what I managed to read, reviews will follow during this week:

  1. Vesta’s Clockwork Companions by Juli D. Revezzo – check it on Goodreads
  2. The Phoenix Project (The Liberty Box #3) by C.A. Gray – check it on Goodreads and my Review is already up
  3. The Kitchens of Canton by Isham Cook – check it on Goodreads



And that’s how my reading hours happened:


All in all, it was a very productive weekend and a great readathon! I cannot wait for the next round. But in the meantime, there are plenty of readathons out there and the next one is soon to start! Details will follow, so stay tuned and read much!

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