Book Review: Starburst

A Place To Call Home Book 1
by KAE Galla
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Nova spent years in a world she didn’t belong, never knowing who or what
she is. Years of questions and confusion, but the time has come for
her to find out who she really is and where she belongs. Does she
have a family that misses her? Have they been looking for her all
along? Are there others like her? What could possibly have happened
to bring her into the human world when she was so young?
The answers to all her questions are out there somewhere, and it’s time
she found them. It won’t be easy, it may even be dangerous, but
it’ll be worth it. Finding her family is only the first step, from
there she will have to piece her life back together as she learns the
differences between who she is and who she was meant to be. What will
happen when she’s thrown into a world she knows nothing about?
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My Review

These past days I have read so many great books, I feel I cannot stop. Every book I read makes me jump immediately to the next, as they are so great and I cannot wait to discover what the next one is about.

“Starburst” is such an amazing journey towards discovering one’s origins, fighting for a legacy and for love. This is a book that speaks of determination, of strength and friendship. I loved it so, so much! This is one story full of everything your heart may desire.

Nova is looking for her origins. Her strange abilities intrigue her more and more. She is trying to cope with all these changes as best as she can and lucky for her, she has a friend in Nash. With his help, she finds the courage to face her nightmares, she finds the courage to search for her past, so she can build a real future.

We have action all the way, from beginning till end. We have unexpected situations which will test Nova at every step. It is a book that keeps you wanting for more with every page that is turned. There is no doubt what’s at stake and we see our main character evolve and become so much more. She deals with a lot, she is afraid and she has images that always come back to haunt her. Somehow, she needs to know the truth.

I liked this first installment, as it is not an exaggeration of events, it has plot and amazing characters. This is another series I need to keep my eye out! 5 stars and I cannot wait to read more!

My name is KAE Galla and I’ve loved writing since before I knew how. I’d
sit with my mom and grandma telling them exactly what I wanted my
story to be, and they would write it down under misshapen scribbles I
tried to pass off as art work. It wasn’t until years later that I
finally decided to go full throttle with my passion and share it with
the world. Now, thanks to the support of my loving family, great
friends, and an amazing team, my dream of becoming an author are
reality. My heart is in Paranormal Romance, and Romance in general,
but I love challenging myself and broadening my horizons so you can
bet there is more to come!
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