Series Review: Dragon Planet Romance Trilogy

Runaway Dragonette
Dragon Planet Romance Book 1
by Lynne Murray
Genre: Paranormal Romance
When the Dragon King demands that Princess Verity choose a romantic
partner from 26 dragon shapeshifters, she’s not allowed to say,
“No.” But she has to. 
Verity must escape her father’s romance plans for her, but it won’t be
easy with cameras broadcasting her every move and the whole Dragon
Planet watching.
Meanwhile on Earth, Ryan, a tech industry millionaire, loves dragons more than
anything in the real world. He has moved back to his home town to run
a dragon-centered bookstore. When a portal misfire lands Verity in
Ryan’s store, the attraction is instant and irresistible.
Ryan jumps at the chance to compete to win Verity’s hand. The Dragon
King allows it. He doesn’t expect a computer nerd human to survive
a competition with fire-breathing dragonshifters.
Can Ryan win the dragon princess’s hand by defeating a pack of hulking,
jealous, firebreathing dragon men who don’t play fair? Will Verity
be able to save her true mate from death by dragon fire?

My Review

Book one was a little bit difficult to get into. I mean, it was difficult for me to understand the entire dragon system or if the people knew about the existence of a dragon planet or not. The beginning was not that good. But once you move past it, the idea is pretty amazing and unique – at least I have not read any romance stories between half-dragons and humans.

We have our dragonette, looking for something more than dragon wings and flames in her mate. Her father has set up the entire scheme of a TV show, at the end of which she is supposed to select a mate, aka someone who can make sure the king has nephews. Because the king was so focused on one thing only, it made easier for me to understand what Verity went through.

As for Ryan, because of the not so good beginning, I thought his only feelings towards the princess were curiosity and awe because of his obsession with dragons, not because she was as beautiful and as smart as she seemed in that TV show. But later on, I started to like him.

All in all, ”Runaway Dragonette” was an acceptable beginning to a very interesting and original series. If it were not for the first pages telling Ryan’s story, I would have increased my rated one star. For now, I’m sticking with 3.5.


Bachelor Dragon Blues
Dragon Planet Romance Book 2
Can the love of an Earth woman save a dragonshifter from the
ticking time bomb inside?
The Dragon Planet hails Jevrath as a war hero for a military action that
wounded him. No one knows that spy bots invaded his wound during the
battle. They track his every move. They can kill him at will. The
only threat Jevrath knows about is the Dragon King’s vow to force
him into a planetary romance show, to publicly select a dragonshifter
mate. Jevrath refuses and heads for Earth for a vacation. Then Beth,
a human woman, walks through the door of the resort bar and his world
will never be the same.
Beth’s dream is to work with endangered species, but who knew they would be
so sizzling hot? She needs a weekend away from her lab tech job and
her lecherous boss. When she walks into the resort bar and sees tall,
dark, commanding Jevrath, her dreams seem about to come true—along
with her worst nightmares. She can have a lab of her own on the
Dragon Planet, if she pretends to go along with the televised romance
show. But her desires for Jevrath go dangerously beyond pretending.
Can the devotion of a dragon man sustain Beth in the face of 26
firebreathing dragon women who don’t mind killing for love?

My Review

“Bachelor Dragon Blues” brings more to the story than “Runaway Dragonette”. By this second book, I was already familiar with the concepts and knew I should expect extraordinary dragons. The author created a very nice background this time, a much more interesting background. That made me more and more intrigued.

Javerath has no plans in spending more time than needed on Earth, but little did he know that his visit will end up being much more than that. He is offered a small escape from his already stressful life and he offers the same in exchange. When Beth confesses her problem with her boss, his protective instincts kick in. Now the question is: Will Beth be able to handle dragon women? And will she be able to secure Jeverath’s heart?

Definitely I liked this book better than the previous one. Main reason is that the characters have a little more depth and that the action flows a little bit more in sync with what it should be expected from a short story. It felt more natural and better planed in a way. We cme back to the TV show, where this time a bachelor needs to select its mate, but this time, the badass dragon-ladies show their wings and flames.

Loved it quite a lot, 4 clean stars – or flames, or little dragon babies. Ok, you got the idea!


Billionaire Dragon’s Secretary
Dragon Planet Romance Book 3
Jill is kidnapped by a lying, cheating dragonshifter and stuck on the
Dragon Planet. Romance with a dragon is the last thing on her mind.
She only wants to earn enough to pay for a ticket back to Earth, but
her billionaire dragon shifter boss sets her senses on fire, and he’s
trying to give her every reason to stay. Targon, “the Gold
Whisperer,” fiercely guards his heart and his hoard until his new
secretary, Jill arrives. Instantly he recognizes her as his True
Mate. How can a dragonshifter convince an angry Earth woman to trust
him when he doesn’t trust himself?

My Review

Oh, book 3 is even better! Ok, I feel the need to make a short summary of the series until now. We had Bachelorette Verity, who’s heart was gain by a human, then we had Bachelor Javerath, who’s heart was lost to a human earlier than the TV show could start and now…. Who’s the prize?

“Billionaire Dragon’s Secretary” is even better than the other there in the series. That is mostly because this time the characters feel more on an even ground than in the other books. Even if Jill lands up on the Dragon Planet against her will, she knows what to expect and she knows exactly what she wants: to get back home to Earth. So while she unleashes her emotions on her dragon boss, Taragon must stand tall and guard himself.

This time, the dragon is almost bossed around by the human. An even fresher angle to the dragon shape shifter story,  the third book brings us even better characters and a much much better plot. Or maybe it’s just me, liking these type of romances better. But definitely, the background of the characters goes way deeper and their story needs more analysis.

I’m still going with 4 stars, even if when comparing to the other two, I liked this one best!

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Overall Opinion


As for the overall series, I loved it very much. It is a refreshing approach, it has romance and dragons – two of my addictions! I would have wanted more background on the Dragon Planet and to understand more their relationship with earth and the other way around. But other than that, I only have good words.

The plot gets better and better, the characters become even more interesting with every book you read and that’s proof of a great writer! Can’t wait to read more by Lynne Murray

Lynne Murray was born in Illinois and grew up in transit Texas, Alaska,
Florida, Washington state, and Southern California due to her
father’s work with the military. 
Lynne writes the kind of books she loves to read. Those usually feature a
lot of action, quirky characters and supernatural attitude. She just
might read anything that isn’t tied down, but some of the books that
have to be restrained also make it onto her list. Her favorite
authors include Illona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Patricia Briggs, Kim
Hamilton, Terry Pratchett and T.H. White.
She now lives and writes and stares out the window at the ocean in San
Francisco with a group of rescue cats, who rescue her right back with
heroic feats of purring.
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