Book Review: Veins Of Ice

About the book:veins


Title: Veins Of Ice

Author: Ahmad Dagher

Published: September 30th 2018

Source: received from the author, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


Maya was just a child when her parents were murdered in cold blood 10 years ago.

Her heart grew colder as everyone she once knew turned their backs on her and left her to die in the cold of these streets.

Since then she and her brother Sebastian learned to survive on their own.

Life was finally turning out good for them until one day, their past came back to haunt them once again.

Only this time Maya wasn’t the vulnerable naive little girl she once was…

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My Review

Not the book you’d expect me to review on the second day of Christmas, but it’s still an interesting and intense one. It’s one of those books I don’t know how to review.

The blurb shows quite enough of what “Veins of Ice” is all about and I won’t get into the action that much since we have only 71 pages (as per Goodreads) to go on. Speaking of the length, don’t let it fool you. These pages are loaded with action, but the way it’s condensed, it doesn’t feel like too much too soon. All is well spaced and well thought.

Power is a castle that stands for a thousand years without falling, it is the river that never dries, the darkens that lingers even around the brightest of lights.

The plot is very intense and it grips you right from the start. Sebastian is left taking care of his little sister, after witnessing a traumatic event. Both are still recovering, but Maya is the one whose character has been most affected. Two kids and their strong will of survival leave the innocence behind and become something else. And here is where this book excels. We have such a great evolution and the change in their demeanor is so well represented. We see first a carrying big brother, then the little sister as a cold and bitter person.

Except our main characters, we have a deep analysis of the other characters as well. The author tells us clearly with whom we are dealing and what they are capable of. These are really messed up people, but interesting in the same time.

Humans were a despicable race of creatures that were selfish enough to ignore the youngs of their own kind.

I have one complain to mention and that is in regards to the writing style. Somehow, it felt more like a retelling of actual facts than a novella. I did not dislike it, but I would have expected a different tone of the narration.

With all these items in mind, I cannot but give 4 stars to “Veins Of Ice” by Ahmad Dagher – a dark story, with an incredible twist of events. The ending will blow your mind and I cannot wait to hear your opinion, should you decide to give it a try 🙂 Until next time, Happy Reading and Happy Holidays!

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