Book Review: Song of Sacrifice

Song of Sacrifice
Janell Rhiannon
(Homeric Chronicles, #1)
Publication date: December 26th 2018
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Historical

The heart of the Trojan War belongs to the women.

Mothers and daughters; wives and war prizes, whisper to us across time…

…remember our songs alongside the mighty men of myth.

As the Age of Heroes wanes, the gods gamble more fiercely with mortals’ lives than they ever have before. Women must rely on their inner strength and cunning to survive the wars men wage for gold and glory.

Clytemnestra of Mycenae struggles for control of her life after Agamemnon ruthlessly rips it apart. Leda of Sparta survives a brutal assault by Zeus, shouldering a terrible secret in silence. Penelope raises Ithaka’s sole heir alone, praying for Odysseus’ swift return. Thetis, the sea nymph, despairs of her son’s destiny and resorts to forbidden magic to save him. Hecuba of Troy mourns the loss of her second son to a dark prophesy. And Shavash of Pedasus prepares her daughter to marry the greatest warrior who ever lived.

In a world where love leads to war and duty leads to destruction, the iron hearts of heroines will conquer all.

Sing, Muse, sing their song of sacrifice…

Replaces Song of Princes as the first book in the Homeric Chronicles.

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My Review

I am going to spoil the end of this review by mentioning, from the first line, that this is a 5 stars book. Also, I do what to mention that I am very much in love with Greek mythology and especially with this particular story, with Troy and all it represented.

My first real book was one describing Troy and its destiny. I was too little to understand even the meaning of some of the words. Only after finishing the story, I started reading more about the Greek mythology and I loved it so so much. I fell in love with reading with these stories.

Now, back to “Song of Sacrifice”. This book was absolutely amazing. It’s a tribute to this land of gods. It does so much justice to the legends and it brings out the most beautiful elements in it. I have devoured it and could not stop reading. Actually, I don’t understand why it had to end. I know the legend, I would never have imagined it put in a book in this way. And it twists the myth in all angles so that we have an even better picture of how it all went out.

It’s like being there. Honestly, it’s like finding out more things about the characters I’ve grown up with. But my connection with the story is not only due to my childhood experience. Janell Rhiannon has such a captivating way of using words. It’s like a spell, she put a spell on me. And the cover fits so well.

Everything fits here. The poem in the beginning (yes, it has a poem, I’m sorry I’m spoiling a little) it’s like a gateway to this amazing world. Then all the strong women, mothers, queens, goddesses… oh, how many interesting elements. I liked it, ok.

Guys, please read it, please read the legend first and then read “Song of Sacrifice”. This book is beautiful, interesting, has politics and political games, love affairs and many turns. To some, it may come to no surprise what happens, but how we get there is one interesting journey. I am so happy to have read the book and even happier to know that book 2 will be out in March!!!! Excuse me while I try to preorder it! (how do I get a hardback for this series…. ?)


Author Bio:

In graduate school, Janell focused on the ancient history of Greece and Rome. Hooked by the “sword and sandal” world, she studied everything she could about mythology and Alexander the Great.

The Homeric Chronicles series is dedicated to merging dozens of Greek myths, including Homer’s epics, with plays, history, and archaeology. Her intent is to raise the heroines’ voices equally alongside the heroes, opening up a traditionally male focused genre to a female audience.

She lives in CA and enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She has a pack of two big dogs and two cats.

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