March Resolutions



As I was mentioning yesterday, I have decided to challenge myself this month to stick to the plan and because this is evasive and can be interpreted in various ways by my evil side, my good/responsible side decided to put on paper/blog some resolutions:

0. Stick to my original plan of scheduling my reviews!!!
1. Update my A to Z page
2. Check if all reviews for January and February have been posted on GR and Amazon (post them when needed)
3. Write reviews for books read
4. Update my Currently Reading list on GR
5. Catch up on all the books from January and February
6. Finish with the books on my Beta Reading list
7. Start a weekly discussions series
8. Post on Instagram 3 times per week (on both accounts)
9. Finish March without adding books on the backlog list
10. Finish at least 2 crochet projects

For now, it sounds doable. I’ll keep you updated with progress. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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