…Or just me, trying to get my…self together

It all started with my terrible fail at achieving my March Resolutions. From here, things went only South and the worst thing is that I cannot even blame it on something or someone. It’s hard to describe where I am when it comes to my state. It feels like chaos, like a socks drawer with all the pairs mixed up! I am well, I am healthy, just a big mess of unorganized thoughts, plans and ideas.  Time away, focusing on something else seemed like a good idea at the time so decided to take a much deserved vacation, hence my lack of activity for the past months. Result: A massive slump.

I forced myself into reviewing, writing articles, subscribing to more and more blog tours. It was a major fail. Time away did not solve much. However, I kept reading, but only books that I really wanted to and only books I knew could pick me up and slap me with an ending! But let me give you a bit of detail.

March was crazy at work and April started the same. I had little to no hope of sticking to my plans but I did not expect such a complete disaster. Consequence? Blogging slump! So I stayed away, annoyed at my constant struggle to form a coherent review. I cannot begin to imagine what authors feel in these situations. I mean, I am just a silly blogger, trying to say “I loved this book” in 250 words (more or less) and I still get stuck. It’s a though world this one. Still, I did not stay away from books. I read around 7 books, joined a readathon and finished 3 beta reading projects.

Spending 6 hours in an airport and another 6 flying, resulted in me finishing one book and starting another. Nights in Poland, missing home, were spent with Morgan Matson and her “Save the Date” story – that still lies unfinished on my bedside. Erls and Ladies from “Rogue Hearts” series by Donna Hatch ensured the romantic atmosphere. I tried to figure out the cure behind a necklace with Marlene M. Bell and her “Stolen Obsession”.  I let loose the feminist in me with HmH and “Last Woman Standing” by Amy Gentry.  Scribd was my faithful companion, as well as the nice admins from Fairytale Read-Along Goodreads Group. Oh, and I bought 2 books 🙂

Booktube brought Romanceopoly. 🙂 Yup, the readathon I was mentioning earlier. It’s such an interesting challenge! I will get to it these days with a more in depth explanation, but I got such an appetite for Romance readathons! There are very few out there! I will compile a list and have it up my blog for reference. Because Romance books are awesome!

I finished Beta Projects 6, 7 and 8. #6 was difficult, with issues I had to approach wisely. I did an acceptable job, I think. Beta Project #7 was a book with vampires and I felt right back at home 🙂 following 7, I have started Beta Project 8 which is part of the same series as Beta Project   7. I have just submitted my report for Beta #9. It’s going better and better, I am improving. I am not at the level I would have expected, but on the way there.

I do have to apologize formally to all the blog tour organizers that I let down during my time! Until I get a grip on my schedule, I’ll have to limit my participation and stick to what I can accomplish. I am really sorry and I do hope to make it up to you at some point!

Lessons learned? Damn, too many to mention, but enough to put in practice. The two most important? Organize your time and space and do not sign up for more than you can handle. Baby steps Lilly, baby steps! Step one: vacation’s over, back to blogging!

P.S.: If you’ve reached the end of the article, you’re awesome and thank you! 🙂


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