Non-Bookish Resolutions – 2020

Definitely 2019 has not been a good year when it comes to my other activities. I was thinking even that maybe I am involved in too many and that I still have not decided where I want to invest my time. However, when put face to face with the decision of giving up sewing, crocheting or reading, I was not able to choose one and give up the others.

I will not even dare to review if I accomplished one or two of my Non Bookish resolutions that I set up for 2019. I was too ambitious (or too unorganized). For 2020 I have already taken steps in the right direction, so I am confident I will be able to achieve my objectives:

  1. Improve my sewing, knitting and crocheting skills: I still dream of following in my grandmother’s steps and maybe make a living out of it. I know wherever she is she is a bit disappointed I didn’t manage to work more on this in 2019, but I’ll rectify this!


  1. Start planning: the best way to stay organized is to plan ahead (I did my research on Google – rolling eyes). So I have started a planner for my blog that also includes a line or two about my non-bookish activities.


  1. Be better, care less sometimes: professionally, 2019 has been challenging. Toward the end of the year I became disappointed and it affected my health. Well, I plan to be more firm in my decisions and care less. In this way I will have more feelings involved in the activities that do make me feel good. I know, it’s vague…


  1. Organize my workspace: in 2019 I was supposed to move into a new home but this hasn’t happened yet. I trust the first months of 2020 will find me there. In my new “activities room” I will have my corner of sewing and reading and I hope it will motive and inspire me to create beautiful things (oh, the idea is also to keep that space organized properly)


  1. Start a YouTube channel: this is big. I’ve been having this idea of starting a crochet channel for a while now, but I never stopped to work on video ideas. It’s time.


  1. Post more on my Instagram account for crochet (@hookedonthread, if you want to follow): I must


  1. Have one non-bookish article a month on my blog: just to take a break from all the books, chapters and pages

7 items I need to follow don’t seem that many. I do intend to take them more seriously than last year and I really need these guide lines. In 2019 I lost myself into so many actions that did not make me happy or that pushed me away from my goals. As per item 3 in the above list, I intend to change this.

Let me know if you have some non-bookish resolutions of your own or just your plans in general in the comments below 🙂 until next time, Happy Reading!

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