Bookish Resolutions – 2020

I have to admit to myself finally that I have failed to achieve my Goodreads goal for 2019. Unfortunately it was not a good year for my blogging activity: not only I had weeks I was not able to post, I failed to achieve my bookish resolutions, I did not manage to post all my reviews in time or read all the books I really wanted to.

I want to leave the failures behind, leave the bad in 2019 and start 2020 in a good spirit, with a higher motivation. I have drafted these resolutions since mid-November and they don’t sound so difficult to achieve:

  1. Stay organized and plan ahead: in the beginning of December I looked up ideas on the internet of the best ways to plan my articles. I started a planner (nothing fancy, just enough to get me through) and added as well some brainstorming pages or pages fr special projects. I am quite excited! I used this method for these last couple of weeks and it gave great results. Of course, I need to stock to it because articles ain’t gonna write and plan themselves, ya know?

  1. Prepare (and use) a predefined template for my reviews, or my weekly and monthly articles: this will eliminate the time I spend adding the same pictures or preparing the same formatting.

  1. Spend more time on graphics: having a nice banner and creating some simple pictures for my quotes has been on my list for 2019 as well but I did not invest so much time into it. Well, with point 2 from above on the table, I can accomplish this.

  1. Be active on social media: simply because having friends is nice 🙂

  1. Develop the promo and beta reading pages: this blog is a cost for me. Even if I don’t mention it enough, I do buy books and I do pay for my domain. I would like to have at least a third of the expenses recovered. So I want to add some promo activity to it, at a (very) low price.

  1. Start statistics in Excel: I was inspired by Portal in the Pages to start a data base that would give me an overview of what I have read during the year. Hers is much more complex, mine is simple and focused on what I need to follow (like making sure I post my reviews on NetGalley as well!)

  1. Complete Romanceopoly: I will come back to this in the beginning of January but Romanceopoly is a yearlong readathon inspired by Monopoly and focused on romance books. Except the board, there are also challenges that the hosts are announcing throughout the year. I want to be 100% involved.

  1. Complete my Goodreads challenge: I’m sticking to 100 books again. It’s definitely doable, if I stick to reading!

  1. Promote more: I want to promote more my 5 star reads. I feel I am doing so little in this regard and I know I can do better, with proper planning 😉

  1. Enjoy: this blog started out of passion. I love reading, it’s what keeps me grounded, it’s what keeps the negative thoughts at bay. So I plan to enjoy every book, every picture I take or make, every minute spent planning!


Ok, I’d better stop now 🙂 every time I write these resolutions I feel motivated and empowered. I would love to hear what your bookish resolutions are for 2020, so drop a message below and let’s chat 🙂splash

Happy New Bookish Year!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions – 2020

    1. That’s the most difficult part 🙂 Thank you very much and a Happy New Year to you as well, with amazing books and amazing moments 🙂

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