Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Guys!

2020 has arrived! How did you spend your first hours? I did a little bit of everything, but mostly tried to be in a good mood, with positive thoughts. Lucky, I was also reading an amazing book (I will tell you about it in the following days).

Nothing much for today. I just wanted to wish you all an amazing year! I hope 2020 will be amazing for you all. I hope you will find happiness at every turn and that you will fill every moment with good thoughts and people! Love and be loved, spend time with family and best friends and remember: READ!

Reading is food for the mind and soul, it relaxes muscles. So spend some time with your favorite books, find your favorite one in case you have not done that and live every emotion at maximum. It’s what makes us alive. We laugh, we feel angry or we cry. Then we lift our chins high and laugh again, with the next amazing chapter of our book, or life.

Happy New Year and Happy (New) Reading!

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