2019 Goodreads Challenge – Stats

While I honestly did my best to complete my Goodreads challenge for 2019, I did not manage to do that. Well, what can I say? It happens… But I am quite happy with the 65 books I did read, according Goodreads. There are some more (maximum 7) that I have finished but did not review which I will not include in the following statistics. I will probably need to reread them this year anyhow, so that I am able to write a proper review.

Ok, Let’s see: 65 books read, with a total of 14,216 pages. My average rating is 4.4 stars. Hmmm, I’m one if the kind reviewers looks like. Longest book: Song of Sacrifice by Janell Rhiannon and shortest: Home for the Holidays by Eden Summers – both amazing books, I might add!


The most and least popular books I have reviewed are: A Lie For A Lie by Helena Hunting and Corporate Christmas by Bernadette Marie. In case of this last one, I am sure it is because it was recently launched. It will quickly gain popularity for sure.


For 2020 I intend to keep my goal of 100 books and I am sure I will be able to do complete it this time. I have 3 or 4 challenges I want to complete, one of which has over 50 books. More about them will follow soon.

How did you do in 2019? How many books have you finished or, if you are a writer, how many books or stories have you written? Goodluck to all participating in the Goodreads 2020 challenge! Until next time, Happy Reading!

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