Mid-Week Reading Update

Hey guys, how is your first week of 2020? In my case, all goes amazing so far. I spend time with my family, I went on small trips and I am having fun reading, writing articles, planning and building a solid schedule.

One way of making sure I am on time with my reading and to follow the TBRs is posting a mid-week reading check in. I am not always updating my “currently reading” shelf on Goodreads (I’m trying to change that…), so this is my way to compensate that.

Ok, I am now reading “It Started with A Candy Cane” by Susan Saxx and it’s going great! I think I may add another author on my list of favorites. I have finished this morning (It’s 7 PM when I’m writing this article and it will probably be 10 PM when it will go live) “Real Miracle” by same Susan Saxx and it was very good. Tomorrow you will see my thoughts on them – I’m still on my days off from work so I am reading all day long!!!!

That’s it for now 😊 Come back tomorrow for reviews and more. Until then, happy reading!

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