Book Review: Real Temptation (Special Delivery) by Susan Saxx

Come on a journey.
The town of Jack’s Bay, in northern Ontario, Canada, straddles cottage country and city living, and does it well.
But more importantly, it’s a strong community. Home to a group of men that have served together in the army reserve. Brothers, with an unbreakable bond, as well as determined women.
Friends and army reserve brothers to these men of Jack’s Bay are the men of Golden, British Columbia. A fictional town, with quirky characters set in the Rocky Mountain trench, life is different in the mountains. Yet family, brotherhood and love…are the same.
Come meet the cowboy, the ex-hockey player, the dark-net computer genius, and the band of Canadian military reservists who served together, and the strong women they fall in love with.
Real Temptation/ Special Delivery
Real Men Book 7
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: May 11, 2018
She’s high society. He’s blue collar.
And he’s only got one night to prove to her… blue collar is better.
WARNING: Graphic language, swearing, and frank sexual descriptions.
Oh. And chocolate truffles, velcro’d bondage straps, Manolos, and a bit of grime.
She wears a delivery uniform, but it won’t be for long. Alex Jordan is determined. She’ll work hard – do anything – to get her family back to its former wealth and standing in Toronto society. Once a solid member of the tennis club set, everything fell apart when her father was convicted of white collar crime. Life is harsh now, but Intimate Deliveries, her small company and brainchild of a delivery service is the vehicle to restore their lives. She’ll build her brand, work her fingers to the bone, and she knows she’ll achieve her goal. Eventually. She has to.
But she’s also got her eye on rich and handsome Montreal playboy Luc Etalier. If she scores the heartthrob as a husband, her dreams will be realized all the faster. She’ll get them all back to their former glory and ease of life – including her father, once he’s released – one way or another.
He’s blue collar, has sworn off alcohol, and she’s lit his dreams of something more. Rand Peters has watched – and salivated – every time the brash young woman has come in to their machine shop to work the account. She’s fueled his sexual fantasies for over a year, but she’s also inspired him to go back to university part-time and work on that business degree. If she can go for what she wants, a former rich girl now in the trenches with the rest of them, so can he. And he’s also seen something in her – working so hard in a life that’s foreign to her – that touches his heart.
But a relationship? She’d never go for him – though something eggs him on to try. First real chance he gets, he will. He has to.
Now it’s New Year’s Eve, and he’s there alone. Alex comes in with a delivery, ready to do her job and then run to her glamorous NYE party with old friends. But miracle of miracles – it’s the wrong part. They’ll have to wait for the new one. Together…
A New Year’s Eve Erotic Romance

My Review

This was another great book in the series, that kept me all day wrapped up in its pages. I love how simple it is and how all the pieces come together in the right way when you are with the right person, Kind of like in real life, huh?

Susan Saxx offers us yet again something different. This time we have a dominant guy (in more ways that your standard) finally having the opportunity to spend time with the girl of his fantasies. As the blurb also mentions, Alex wants obtain her previous position in society, with good money to spend, luxury and rich friends. A mistake cost her family the fortune and now she started her own small business, her little gold mine. All her efforts are to grow Intimate Deliveries, to restore her good life. A delivery puts her in the arms of Rand Paters. He was admiring her from afar and now that he has her close, he is not willing to pass on the opportunity. The passion between them is intense, but remains to be seen if they can see (or feel) beyond the differences.

There are many elements that made me love the story, but also some that did not feel natural. While I do appreciate the ambition that both characters have shown in their careers or studies, Alex seems more focused on the money. Rand is determined to turn his life around for his father but also for himself. She is more focused on regaining her social status. I would have wanted an epilogue to see how far they’ve come, but I assume we will get to read about it in the next books, at least a glimpse of it. The “Master” comment in one of the steamy scenes felt a little bit off. I don’t know, the story has a lot of potential, but it was condensed into fewer pages than it should have deserved.

All in all, I am offering 3.5 stars to Real Temptation, but I do advise you check the other books in the series. They are amazing!

In fact, I have two reviews posted as well, for “Real Miracle” (book #5) and “It Started With a Candy Cane” (book #6). Feel free to check them out here. Until next time, Happy Reading!

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My heroes and heroines haven’t had an easy time of it. But they take what life dishes out, and somehow, with grit, determination and heart – especially heart – they transform it into gold. Their gold.
Their stories – like life! – range from sweet to sexy, contemporary to suspenseful.
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