January Wrap Up & February TBR


As I was mentioning in a previous article, January was mostly about organizing my activities, developing a schedule of sorts and making sure I find comfort and time (especially TIME) to focus on everything. Between scheduling articles, crocheting and going through my fabric stash, I did find a balance.

But back to reading. I had 15 books to read during January (TBR here) and unfortunately I did not manage to complete them all. However, I did finish more than I expected:

  1. Real Miracle by Susan Saxx
  2. It Started With a Candy Cane by Susan Saxx
  3. Real Temptation/ Special Delivery by Susan Saxx
  4. Forever My Duke by Olivia Drake
  5. Shadowed by Michelle Areaux
  6. Mister Hollywood by Mika Lane
  7. Scot Under The Covers by Suzanne Enoch
  8. Lace and Lies by Melanie Munton
  9. Unconditional by Lexxie Couper

I am planning on keeping the remaining books from January on my TBR for February, although I will not list them below. I don’t want to end 2020 with 100 books not read, from my monthly commitments.

February is already a busy month. 2 days in and I am running between books, articles and projects. I have 4 challenges I am participating in during the year and in January I have not read one single book for them. Also, I am participating in Bookweb vaLITines Readathon that is happening this month – more about it and my TBR here. As for my TBR, it’s quite challenging to say the least. Here are my reading plans:

  1. An Everyday Hero by Laura Trentham
  2. Mine to Five by Tara September
  3. Am I Ugly by Siobhan Hill
  4. The Sea in Me. by A Kelly
  5. Special by Chino Chakanga
  6. Ubiety by Grzegorz Kunowski
  7. Hunted by the Dragon by Addison Carmichael
  8. Cherokee Summer by Susan Antony
  9. Grown Enough For Love by Chelsea Falin
  10. Tucker by Emily March
  11. A Country Dilemma by Sasha Morgan
  12. My Pulse by Hanna Dale
  13. Wild, Wild Rake by Janna MacGregor
  14. A Circle of Firelight by Curtis Edmonds
  15. Dangerous by Sara Cate
  16. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
  17. Killer Domes and the Chosen One by Gibbo Gibbs
  18. A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer
  19. A Merciful Death by Kendra Elliot
  20. The Rose & The Dagger by Renée Ahdieh
  21. Matsushita Leadership by John P. Kotter
  22. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  23. One book from Nora Robers – not having it with me at the moment

23 books in 29 days….  Doesn’t look reasonable at first, but some of them are not so long and I can go through at least 2 in one day so there’s that.  This will be an incredible month!

Tell me about your plans for February J looking forward to reading about them in the comments below. Until next time, Happy Reading!


One thought on “January Wrap Up & February TBR

  1. 23 books in 29 days is ambitious to say the least. Here’s to hoping you achieve that target!💜 I wish I could form a list like that but honestly, given the way January went, all I’m hoping for my Feb TBR is “NO REREADS!”😂 [Knowing me and my present moods, I’ll most definitely fail but well, fingers crossed!]

    Great Post. I love the books on your TBR. Hope to read your reviews soon. 💕
    Have a great reading week!
    Leaving the link of my weekly recap below in case you want to chek it out later.💜🙂


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