January: NonBookish Wrap Up


Uf, this was such a busy month! On all aspects. Work was crazy, reading was crazy and I am proud to say I finally managed to organize my crochet and sewing projects – on paper!

I’ve decided to stop working on the items that have been standing around unfinished. Some bring sad memories, other just simply remind me of the long time they’ve been sitting around untouched. With this decision in mind, I started a new crochet blanket – I cannot share yet the picture, just in case the person I’ll be gifting it to will see, but I’m adding the yarn colors here. It looks good until now, and I cannot wait to add the finishing details to it.Alize

When it comes to sewing, I was not that productive, but I did manage to do a sketch of the next project and clean up a space around the room to install again my sewing machine. Don’t expect any spectacular items, I’m relearning.

Last weekend I also took a small break with my other half to a near-by city. 2.5 hours drive felt very relaxing. We just walked around the city center, taking pictures and enjoying the view. After the week we had, it was so welcomed.

It feels good to finally have an order, to finally have all my ideas on a TO-DO list. January was more about organizing and starting over. Overall, it was not such a terrible month. Looking forward for February 😊

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