Weekly Quote #8

Hello to everyone!  I do hope this article finds you in the best of moods, even if it is Monday. Let’s start the week with our regular quote.

Today I am offering a quote from “Forever My Duke” by Olivia Drake. I cannot begin to describe how much I loved this book and I cannot wait to share my thought with you. This was a hefty read, with 384 pages. I know, not so many, but after a period of only reading smaller books, this one seems big!


“Forever My Duke” tells the story of an American woman that comes to England toForever My Duke by Olivia Drake return her desisted best friend’s son to his grandfather. On their way, she meets the Duke of Clayton and from here starts a beautiful relationship, in which they both have to win the other’s confidence and respect. For some reason, this book has some 2 or 3 stars reviews and, while I respect the opinions, I am completely in love! I seem to like Historical Romance quite a lot these days… (I will never ever admit I have a romantic one in me!)

I hope you have a wonderful week! To those returning to work: good luck and good energy. Keep your calm and positive attitude (it’s something I need to remember as well…) Happy Reading!

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