March Non-Bookish Wrap Up


March was a great month when it comes to other activities than reading (and work). I made a lot of progress crocheting and even finally created a Facebook page for all the things I’m making. The page is in Romanian but if you want to check it out just look for Hobby Wobby or follow me on Instagram (@hookedonthread) – it’s almost the same content, just in English.

My mom asked me to crochet a lace for her to use on a dress – this was the main project of the month. I still have half to complete but I plan on finishing it in the coming days. I was also working with some scrap yarn I had lying around and made two coasters.

No sewing for now though. My crafts corner is still not finished yet and to be honest, I want to take each project at a time. Last year I started too many and completed almost none. Until now, I have completed all that I started, with one exception: a blouse. I put it on hold, as my mom’s request is more urgent.

Other than this I am still watching Gotham with my other (and best) half and I feel that somehow this move is a bad influence 😀 there are a lot of crazy characters. This city is full of maniacs! We are at season 4 now and the action becomes a bit on the overreacting side. Oh, and Manifest is another TV show we are watching – this one keeps us more entertained, especially because we get to see one episode a week and it’s killing us!

That’s all I have for you guys at the moment, keep visiting for more reviews and bookish articles 😊

Disclosure: Because of Gotham, I was not able to read that much in the evenings… Moral of the story: Do not watch TV series!


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