Book Review: Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander

Image Adjuster
Lily Alexander
Publication date: March 11th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

In Hollywood, image is everything.

Being part of a power couple can mean the difference between your star rising or being iced out of roles. No one ever said the relationship had to be real.

Stephanie, an actress and the daughter of Hollywood royalty has made a thriving business out of posing as a girlfriend to celebrities who need a bit of a PR boost. Everything is scripted and when the contract ends everyone goes their separate way.

No feelings, no risk, just acting.

Devon is just another client – no matter how handsome he might be, how compatible they seem. The arrangement works perfectly. It’s all business. Definitely just business.

Unless it’s not.

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My Review

Almost one month ago I was posting a book blitz for this book (link here). Goodreads has such high opinions and I was expecting a “wow” book. Unfortunately, it was not the case. I seriously am debating my rating at the moment, so let me put my thoughts together and see where I end up with my stars.

“Image Adjuster” brings us Stephanie, whose profession is C.I.A. – Celebrity Image Adjuster. After an unsuccessful contract with an actor that got too handsy and overstepped the rules in the contract, she reluctantly accepts a new customer: Devon Greene. He is at the top of his game, being the star of a new TV show that puts him in the spotlight. However, his PR team advises him to show he is capable to have a relationship. So they hire Stephanie to pose as his girlfriend for a while. The written rules are clear as black ink on white paper and so are the unspoken ones: this is a fake relationship, no feelings allowed. Still, they form a beautiful friendship and they come to realize they have quite a lot in common. Their dates feel more natural and at some point, the line blurs.

During the entire book I was waiting for that BOOM. That big fire that would consume me until the end. Sadly, it never came. I was constantly waiting for something scandalous to happen that would up the rhythm. Devon is definitely a good guy, not the playboy you may expect. There are many items that did not fall into place, such as Devon’s best friend and co-star, how for a moment, in the beginning of the book is portrayed as a potential negative character. Also, Stephanie stopped acting for a while, still she remains in the spotlight simply because of her last name and her business would tarnish her reputation (going out with different men, in the eyes of the press, should look strange). To top it all, the ending felt dragged and one thing regarding her passion for art felt off – not gonna say what so I won’t spoil.

I would read book 2, hoping is far better than book one in the series. The second book follows Stephanie and Devon’s best friends and I hope I will enjoy it more. I’ll move forward with 2.5 stars and I’ll round it to 3 for Goodreads and Amazon purpose. Still, I am very conflicted.

Let me know in the comments below if you have read the book or any book by this author and bring me your positive thoughts. Until next time, happy reading !

3 stars


Author Bio:

Lily is a Colorado native enjoying the fantastic climate of Southern California with her family and cranky cat after surviving more than a decade in hot, humid places where hurricanes get their own season and Winter is a myth.

The written word is her favorite thing – reading or writing, she doesn’t discriminate. Left to her own devices she can read about a book a day; that HEA is a powerful drug!

As an only child she grew up inventing elaborate stories for her dolls to act out. She started word processing on a computer around age 10 and never looked back. After suffering the heartbreak of catastrophic drive failure a regrettable number of times, she has finally learned to back things up appropriately and often.

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