Weekly Quote #12

Last week was an amazing reading week! Indeed, I fell asleep at odd ours and woke up very early, but at least reading kept my demons away 😊 I discovered Kat Ransom and “The Fast Series”. I have finished book 3 and I cannot wait to read the first two books as well. So my quote for today is from “Fast & Hot”:


There are so many marked lines in my ePub copy, I cannot even begin to explain. “Fast & Hot” centers around Formula 1 (yes, FORMULA 1!) and the romance is between one of the drivers and his teammate and best friend’s sister. Since best friend’s sister is always off limits, imagine the tension! My review will be up tomorrow, so visit again if you want to see my thoughts of this book. In the meantime, I need to get my hands on books 1 and 2…because that’s my life with great series, I end up reading the middle. Even if this an be read as a standalone, I do want to explore the other couples.

Until tomorrow, happy reading guys !

2 thoughts on “Weekly Quote #12

    1. Please check it out! It is fantastic! I am absolutely hooked! I can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂


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