Book Review: Fast & Hot by Kat Ransom

About the book:Fast & Hot

Title: Fast & Hot (The Fast Series #3)

Author: Kat Ransom

Published: Published March 20th 2020
Source: Received from Book Sirens, in exchange for an honest review

Format: e-copy


First rule? Don’t sleep with your best friend’s little sister.
Second? Don’t sleep with your teammate’s sister.

He’s my big brother’s teammate and everything I am not.
He’s a rich, arrogant, entitled snob.
He lives in an Italian villa, for God’s sake. I live in a hole in Prague. People think he’s hilarious, charming–the smooth-talking, panty-dropping F1 race car driver. Always with a joke; a mischievous, sexy smirk. But nothing about my life is funny, and I’m not here for the reasons my brother thinks I am.

If one were paying attention—and I am—this girl screams trouble. Forbidden, off-limits, a terrible idea. She’s all of it, and I don’t do complications. My life was neat and tidy. Until she stole my wallet. Then the blue-eyed siren took everything else–my best friend, my career, things I didn’t know I could lose.

‘Just do me this favor,’ he said. ‘Help my sister out,’ he said. ‘You’re my best friend,’ he said.
I tried to stay away, but you know what they say about good intentions….

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My Review

This was awesome! It was a great book, it has a lot going on and such great main characters. It feels like a fresh book. I haven’t read any books that center around Formula 1 (please, if you know any other titles, let me know), so this for me was like fresh air! I am a huge F1 fan (go Charles Leclerc!), thanks to my better half and it was an amazing surprise seeing two of my passions combined: romance books and F1!

Because I am me and request ARCs without checking if this is book 1 or 45 from the series, I have started this one with book 3. And I do not regret it one bit! Danica and Dante are two strong souls and when combined, everything goes BOOOM! She is an enigma to everyone. Her past still haunts her and her secrets can destroy the quiet live she wants to have with her new found brother and his soon to be wife. But not everything is as it seems, because Danica has a burden. Being faced with the possibility of deportation, she has to accept a job as Dante’s PA. He is her brother’s best friend and teammate at F1, an amazing F1 driver and dead gorgeous. He also has an accent. Did I mention that?

Dante can see right through her walls. He wants to protect her, he wants to chase the darkness away and make all the monsters disappear from her life. He must do this as her boss, as her friend, as her brother’s best friend. Because having a romance with the best friend’s sister is not allowed! Still, with every day they spend together, her walls crack and his heart breaks.

I loved these two and their passion. What Kat Ransom did with this book for me is a magnificent work. The way she builds the tension, the way she brings out the fears and all emotions is amazing. I cried and laughed with all the characters in the story. It was an incredible journey reading it. The F1 references were great as well. I am familiar with the competition and even following the “F1 gossip”, so the representation is as close as you can have it (at least from what I’ve read and seen on TV).

As perfect as this was when it comes to our couple and the other F1 drivers or PAs, I do have to admit that I did not enjoy very much how Danica’s problems were solved. I think the bad man got away too easily and too quick or sudden. I should decrease one star for this, but my treacherous heart won’t allow it.

So I will stick to 4.5 stars, with my full devotion to Kat Ransom and “The Fast Series”. I do recommend you read it. Even if it’s book 3, it can easily be read as a standalone. It’s great, it has beautiful characters, best friends, F1 competition and an incredible way of making you feel!

Cover review: The guy is good looking, but I wanted to see the link with Formula 1. It is such an interesting and new concept. It deserves to be on the cover. Also, I am not sure our Dante has the proper tattoos. Hmm…. I may need a bigger picture with the cover so I can study him it in detail.☺

Favorite quote (I have so many, again!): “I wonder if I promise her all the riches in the world if she would spill all her secrets and let me give her a castle instead of the hardship she’s known”.

Favorite quote (one more, please!): “My leg throbs, my head hurts, and I am being lectured by a teenager who sneaks out of her bedroom window at night and may, or may not, be possessed by Satan on any given day.” (just to clarify, this is Dante speaking, with love and devotion, about his sister)

5 stars

About the AuthorKat Ransom

Kat Ransom writes steamy romances filled with strong, sassy men and women who bring them to their knees. She lives in Cowboy Country in the Southern US with her husband and two janky rescue cats. When she isn’t writing, she’s exploring isolated corners of the world or curled up with a wool blanket and a stiff whiskey trying to warm up her perpetually cold toes.

Kat loves to hear from her readers! Contact her at
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Twitter: @authorkatransom
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