Book Review: Distant Thunder by Lilli Carlisle

covDistant Thunder

Gods and Thunder

Book One

Lilli Carlisle

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: July 6, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-951055-86-8


Word Count: 41030

Tagline: The gods who protect the world know evil is coming, and it can’t wait to show itself – vainglorious in its efforts, it will make itself known soon

Book Description:


Punished and shamed, the divine mother of nature, the goddess Net, was stripped of her powers and made mortal. Were it not for the shifter god, Fenrir, she wouldn’t have a home or protection, and with evil rising in all the realms, she is more than vulnerable, she’s a target.

For Fenrir, protecting Net is more than a favor, it’s a way to ensure she will not lose her life on his watch. As threats become a real and present danger, he is forced to admit his long-hidden feelings and intends to make Net his forever, if she will have him.

The Gods and Thunder series is a spin-off of the Black Ridge Wolf Pack Series

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My Review

This was a story I enjoyed quite a lot, even if my rating is below my initial expectations. Lilli Carlisle delivers a love story in the realm of gods, with hatred, devised loyalties and politics. Not only the romance, but as well the plot provide entertainment and keeps you on the edge.

The goddess Net, stripped of her powers, is placed under the protection of a shifter god – Fenrir. They form a friendship based on trust, even if he does not show her his human form. Time spent together, as well as enemies bring them together and make them reveal their true feelings.

I liked the story, I liked their search for the judge and I liked seeing the division of the gods. What was not so close to my heart was the instalove we have between our main characters. It does not take too much for them to say they love each other and I would have liked to see them spend more time together. Some of the relationships between the main characters and the secondary characters did not seem very convincing.

All in all, I am curious to see how the series will evolve and understand some of the other characters’ stories. I hope you’ll give this book a try and let me know your thoughts 🙂

Until next time, Happy Reading!


About the Authoraut

Lilli Carlisle lives in the country near Toronto, Canada. She is the mother of two wonderful girls, wife to an amazing man, and servant to the pets in her life, and she’s a member of Toronto Romance Writers. Lilli writes paranormal/fantasy romance, and believes love should be celebrated and shared. After all, everybody needs a little romance, excitement, intrigue, and passion in their lives

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