Weekly Quote #15

Hey Guys,

A new week with new challenges is ahead and I wish you all only accomplishments! My priority is to plan my time as much as possible, oh and take a small holiday. I’ll take 3 days to go to the sea and spend some time listening to the waves, hopefully under an umbrella. Looks like I am not allowed to sunbathe too much. But all is well!

Sadly, for the past week I’ve read 4 books, but none with quotes worth mentioning. But I do have some stacked up just in case 🙂 This time I have Kandi Steiner and her book “The Wrong Game”, for which I have posted the review yesterday.

That’s how love works. You learn more about each other, you trust, you give and you take in equal measure and yes, you take a fucking risk.

What I love about this quite is how determined Zach is when he is saying it. Because yes, trusting your heart and your future into someone else is a big step. Life is all about risks – big or small, noticeable or unnoticeable. Love and the trust that comes with it are the biggest, but can bring the biggest joys.

Take some risks 😉 who knows? Maybe is for the best 🙂

Happy reading and happy week!

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