Weekly Quote #16

Hey there my lovely readers and booklovers! 

A lot has bren going on in the last month or so since I have not posted. Suffice to say that work kept me away from the things I really enjoy doing and it threw me off balance for a big while. I’ve been doing my best to combine my three main activities (work, book blogging and sewing) and it takes a lot of effort. Still I am not willing to give up, so here I am, with new reviews and new articles.  

Even if my reviews and my articles have not neen posted, I can tell you that I did read A LOT. It keeps my thoughts away from work issues and since those thoughs seem to be more frequent, I also need my “medicine” more often.  

For this week the quote that I am proposing is from “Shook” by Sonya Jesus. This is book 1 from the Internet Famous Collection and it is an interesting retelling of Cinderellla.  

“Mom always says life isn’t meant to be counted by the tears we cry, just the smiles.” 

The reason why I have sellected this particular line is because regardless of how hard sometimes life may get, we should always keep our eyes focused on our target. Happiness is in each small thing around us, we just have to look closer to see it. Stay positive, keep a smile on your face and make time for the people and things you love.  


Until next time, Happy Reading! 

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