2021 Bookish Resolutions

Another year has passed. After all the good and the not so good that 2020 has brought us, it is time to look forward with confidence and determination. 

Yup, I have started this article like a politician 🙂 as you all have seen, I have not been on top of my game in 2020. I would like to blame it all on my job, but if I am honest, it was not only that (it does play the major role though). In the end, it doesn’t matter. My blog still stands, my love for reading is there and it is a powerful motivation.  

So I am very anxious to start the new year with new goals which I plan to achieve (this time) 🙂  

  1. Be organized: finally I have found a tool (OneNote) that is extremely useful for what I have in mind and I have been using it for a while. I want to keep using it and be more organized.   
  2. Be more active on social media: as I was mentioning many times, the bookish community is amazing. Every time I interacted, I was met with kindness and I love that. I love having a group of friends with whom to talk about books.  
  3. Read 100 books: according to my reviews posted on Goodreads, I have read way less this year. I know there are many books I have finished but not reviewed, but…if it’s not official, I am not counting it here. So  I intend to read and review officially 100 books. For the record, my Goodreads goal is 120.  
  4. Lear more about beta reading and editing: beta reading is something that I like doing and it is also something that at the moment I am doing without a defined structure. I have a plan drafted, but it needs improving. As for editing, it will help my own articles and it will help my beta reading. No harm in learning more. article_break
  5. Have better diversity in my articles: my blog is mainly focused on reviews. Well, I want more. I want to discuss characters, themes, chapters, spoilers… there is a lot more I could write about and I want to do it in 2021. I want us to talk more and I want you to get the best from my blog. 
  6. Be more involved in the bookish community: this is where I say that I want to be more involved in readathons and bookish challenges. I said that last year too and …. didn’t happen. 2nd time is the charm? (Hopefully I don’t have to wait until the 3rd)  
  7. Promote more (books and authors): I read a lot, this is clear. But I talk very little about the books and some of them deserve a lot more than just a review. 
  8. Try to read more Fantasy: I used to love YA and Fantasy, but I got so wrapped up in Romance that I forgot about anything else. This needs to change. Slowly and with courage, but it needs to change. 
  9. Post daily: I have a lot to write about, so the ideas are there. I need to invest more time, I need to go back to point 1 of this list and also follow point 10.  
  10. Stick to the plan!  

Reading is amazing. It has been one of my anchors in 2020 and it has been my refuge for the last 9 years at least. With this in mind, let’s start the first TBR from 2021 – subject for my next article.  

Until next time, let me know below what are your reading goals for 2021 as I would love to know 😉 Happy Reading! 

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