Once a Book Lover, Always a Book Lover

Hey All,

(while I was working on this article, I’ve noticed that I have not posted anything since January! I cannot even remember if I’ve finished those books or not…)

It has been a while! My writing feels rusty somehow and my books have started to pile up. There has been a lot going on lately. I’d like to say things have settled down but I am still at a crossroad professionally and personally. Anxiety, stress and tiredness have settled in (quite comfortably I’d say). At some point, all will be OK. At some point, I will reach that point…

For now, I am coming back to the world that has never rejected me. I am coming back to reading and reviewing, with a heart more open than before. I’ve grown so much in this universe of beautiful covers, chapters and pages and I feel I haven’t given it enough. Lately I was looking at book reading and reviewing more like a chore. I took too much upon myself. Maybe I will read less but write more. Who knows? Of one thing I am certain: this blog is here to stay and this book blogger is eager to come back.

I am officially open to book reviews, author interviews and promos. I will keep open the paid promotions and beta reading services, so check out the services page for details – as mentioned before, these are in place to help maintain this blog.  I am looking forward to working with you all amazing authors out there 🥰

Come back for an update of my weekend reading list. My weekly quote articles will be back every Monday as usual. After that, may the amazing books guide my articles 🙂

Until next time, happy reading 📚!
(Oh, how I’ve missed that!)

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