Weekly Quote #23

As I was mentioning in a prior article even if I have not managed to review much of the books I’ve read, I did read! (haha, imagine that!). Aaaaaand I am late to the Tahereh Mafi party. Yup, I am reading the Shatter Me series. I’ve finished book 1 in July and now I am getting through the second.  

In the beginning, it was all a bit confusing There are still things that need to be uncovered. I’m not getting into a full review now (although, I’d better start writing my review for Shatter Me), but I want to share with you a quote that felt deep somehow. There are plenty of other amazing quotes in these books so far, but this one just stuck there:  

“Then what’s happening right now? Because something is happening right now and it doesn’t feel okay,” he says, his voice catching. “It doesn’t feel okay, Juliette, it feels like the opposite of whatever the hell okay is and I really just want to hold you-“ 

The way Tahereh managed to convey the desperation, the angst and the fear is just fantastic. I could feel it! Oh I cannot wait to finish this book. I’m now on page 112 of book 2, I own already book 3 and I need to get my hands on book 4 (yeah, yeah, shame me! I will buy it soon, okay?!) 

I hope you’re having an amazing start of the week. In my small corner of the world has finally started raining, although it will stop in 5 minutes probably…. Let me know in the comments below if you liked Shatter Me and what’s your opinion of book 1. Feel free to leave links to your reviews as long as they don’t contain spoilers. I’m interested to discuss them with you guys. 

Until next time, Happy Reading! 

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