February Wrap Up


February was not a great reading month for me at all. I had so much planned to read and out of the 34 books on my list, I managed to read 20, which means my TBR is growing, instead of decreasing. I have not managed to keep up with my resolutions, I have not managed to post as much as I would have liked. But despite all that, I am still happy with what I did manage to do, taking into account I was very very busy at the office.

Note to self: Quit your job!!!

Note to self #2: DO NOT quit your job, you still need it! 

On a more positive note, I started a couple of tags on social media which are fun to follow:

#lillysbookquotes – some of my favorite book quotes

#myreadingmoments – those moments when things happen

#havefunwhilereading – brainstorming ideas on how to make my reading experience even more enjoyable

I also discovered an amazing audiobook series:  A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely. I will talk more about it in a future article, but I tell you, this was FANTASTIC! You can check my reviews, linked below to have a taste of my opinion, but more about the series and about the reasons why I find it so great will come soon. Since we talk about “amazing”, I also read my first Kristy Nicolle book (yes, I’ve just now read my first Kristy Nicolle book…) and it was so much more than I expected. Luckily, that earned me the other books in the series, as the author was so very kind as to end those over so I can review and share them with you.

Without further prolonging this article, here are the books that I managed to finish, with links where reviews are available on my blog (I’ll soon add the others):

  1. Witch for Hire by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  2. Off Limits by Claire Connelly (e-copy)
  3. Girl Divided by Willow Rose (e-copy)
  4. Vacation Bride by Vicky Loebel (audiobook)
  5. Drumline by Stacy Kestwick (audiobook)
  6. A Witch’s Path by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  7. Ruled by Anne Marsh (e-copy)
  8. A Week To Be Wild by J.C. Hrroway (e-copy)wrapup21
  9. Starblind by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  10. Legacy by Jesikah Sundin (audiobook)
  11. A Witch’s Trial by N. E. Conneely (audiobook)
  12. In the Dark by Chris Patchell (audiobook)
  13. Parallex by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  14. Dark Harvest by Chris Patchell (audiobook)
  15. Legal Seduction by Lisa Childs (e-copy)
  16. The Madame Catches Her Duke by Christina McNight (e-copy)
  17. The Kiss That Killed Me by Kristy Nicolle (e-copy)
  18. Flux by D.T. Dyllin (audiobook)
  19. Updrift by Errin Stevens (audiobook)
  20. Benjamin Sorrow: One for Sorrow by P. G. Challis (e-copy)wrapup11

If February had 28 days and I scheduled 34 books, imagine how my March schedule looks like.

Thank you very much for reading through my wrap up and I’ll talk to you guys around J Happy Reading!


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