(Lazy) July Wrap Up

I apologize for the lack of pictures and banners in this article. July was not a good month, so I am punishing it by removing its colors! 🙂 (now that I think of it, sounds kind of dum… )

I feel I have not written a TBR in years! This month has been a month of revelations, not only concerning my blogging activity, but also my daily job. For a while, I’ve lost my focus on the things that give me pleasure, things that make me feel good. Well, that is about to change. But more about that you will read on my August TBR (and To Do).

For now, let’s end the month in a more positive note and show you guys what I’ve read:

  1. Within the Walls by Dre Keeton
  2. OSHUN Rising by Jennifer Alsever
  3. Clutch by Lisa Becker
  4. Bound by Jennifer Dean
  5. Power of Five by Alex Lidell
  6. The Liberty Box by C.A. Gray
  7. Fury’s Kiss by Nicola R. White
  8. The Eden Conspiracy by C.A. Gray
  9. Girl Vs by Xela Culletto
  10. The Phoenix Project by C.A. Gray
  11. Vesta’s Clockwork Companions by Juli D. Revezzo
  12. The Kitchens of Canton by Isham Cook
  13. Tracing Shadows by Alex Lidell

Most of these were audiobooks, which makes the month of July one of my laziest from the year. I was going through a lot and my head was in a million places. It still is, but I’m trying to bring some light into that dark tunnel somehow,

August is an amazing month until now. Already 5 days in and I have read 4 books and I’m almost finishing the fifth. I have some great titles and a more optimistic article. Until then, comment below if you have read any of these titles or if you would like to or just let me know which books have you read in July.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Sunday!

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