Series Review: Highland Brides of Skye

Highland Brides of Skye Book 1
by Tarah Scott and April Holthaus
Genre: Historical Romance
Over the years, many lasses have found refuge in the Scottish Highland’s
Glenwood Abbey. But for three young ladies, sanctuary becomes
servitude, with master puppeteer Malcom Donald using them in his plan
to rule the Isle of Skye. 
When a return trip home from a clan meeting ends in a bloodbath, Laird
Caeleb MacLeod begins his search for the clansman who betrayed them.
Little does he know he need look no further than his bed.
As the housekeeper for Laird Caeleb MacLeod, Gwendolyn is in a position
to learn many things important to her master, Malcom Donald, captain
to the Donald laird. Now she must choose between destroying the man
she loves and saving the sister being held hostage by Malcolm.

My Review

Sometimes, I have my doubts when reading such short stories. At least, I am more exigent and always comparing length against the overall story. I was very pleased to see that “Passion” is well balanced when it comes to this. We have action and characters that are well created.

The reader is pushed directly into the story, in the middle of a battle. We don’t need character descriptions, we feel the strength and the power they emanate. Laird Caeleb MacLeod is leading his men with strength and determination. His weakness? Probably his heart through his love for Gwendolyn. We have betrayal, we have doubts and a very strong woman who is a spy!

I won’t get into the plot very much, as you’ll have to discover it line by line. I am sorry that we did not get to see the conclusion to the war between the clans, but I think it is included in another book by Tarah Scott. For now, 4 stars for book 1 in this series.

Highland Brides of Skye Book 2
For years, master thief Helena Donald has lived at Glenwood Abbey and
submitted to Malcolm Donald’s bidding. Desperate to break free of
his control, Helena agrees to steal the MacLeod Faire Flag for
Malcolm for she intends to sell the flag and start a new life far
from Malcom. When Helena is caught in a blizzard, she prefers to die
in the cold wasteland rather than return to the abbey. 
Kaden MacLeod has chosen a solitary life in a cabin on the shore of Loch
Haven. But a woman’s scream during a raging snowstorm sends him
racing to rescue Helena from the frigid waters of the frozen loch.
When he learns that this beautiful young woman is about to commit the
same crime for which his father, Laird MacLeod, hung Kaden’s
younger brother, he’ll stop at nothing to prevent her from facing a
similar fate. 

My Review

“Redemption” brings us another strong leader and another strong woman. The same question arises: is the beautiful woman lost in the woods a friend or a foe of the MacLeods?

Kaden MacLeod has chosen a life of solitary in the depths of the wood, until one day when he saves Helena Donald’s life. I loved how the author put in balance Kaden’s life before and after his visitor and how his wisdom is put to test when deciding how to act when realizing Helena’s plan. In a way, they help each other and complement one another.

Same as in book 1, we have a lot of action and great characters. But out of all 3 books in the series, this one feels the most incomplete. I wanted to see what happens with the stolen flag and even the clan’s reaction when discovering the deed. But, I cannot give less than 4 stars, as it kept me right there with every page. And let’s not forget the well-adjusted pace to the short length. Loved it!

Highland Brides of Skye Book 3
Betrothed to Lady Allison, the granddaughter of the dying MacKenzie laird,
Jacob MacKinnon stands ready to do his duty and unite their two
clans. But enemies watch, and plan to prevent the uniting of those
two powers. 
After an attack on his betrothed’s carriage leaves only Lady Allison
alive, Jacob is determined to find her would-be killers. 
Linnae Donald is a lowly serving girl. How is she supposed to tell Laird
MacKenzie that the granddaughter he’s mistaken her for died when
their carriage was attacked?
She can’t break a dying man’s heart. Neither can she do what Jacob
MacKinnon asks and help him prevent a war by pretending to be Lady
Alison…and marrying him.

 My Review

My favorite, “Deception”, tells Jacob MacKinnon and Linnae Donald’s story. Jacob is supposed to marry Lady Allison, granddaughter of the MacKenzie laird. But an unfortunate event leaves Linnae as the only survivor of Lady Allisson’s carriage. Now Jacob is torn between lying to an old dying friend to ensure his peaceful departure from life or telling the truth.

Honor is the word that follows the events in this book. There are no silly complications, there are no naïve characters. We have a strong leader, an intelligent ruler and a woman trying to do right by her dead Lady. I loved how they came to appreciate one another, I loved Linnae’s devotion and I loved old MacKenzie’s plan!  This book made me smile and so much more!

I loved every page and again I loved the balance between plot and short length. 5 stars!


Series – Overall

All three books in “Highland Brides of Skye Series” have a relation. The women in these books are tight to the enemy clan and are sisters, each with an inclination to something (except Linnae, who proves to be the most amazing one). The author maintained the accent and behavior of the times and I loved that, even if it was a bit difficult to read some expressions.  This is a great series and if you are in the mood for something quick, pick these ones up!  I’ll have to check which book is the one that follows the clans ’story…

Best-selling author Tarah Scott
cut her teeth on authors such as Georgette Heyer, Zane Grey, and
Amanda Quick. Her favorite book is a Tale of Two Cities, with Gone
With the Wind as a close second. She writes modern classical romance,
and paranormal and romantic suspense. Tarah grew up in Texas and
currently resides in Westchester County, New York with her daughter.

April Holthaus is an Award-Winning Author for her Scottish Historical Romances. For
more than ten years, she has worked full time in the direct marketing
business, but developed a passion of historical romances through her
love of reading, history and genealogy. When she is not working or
writing, April loves to spend time with her family and traveling. 

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