Book Review: Quick Fall

QF_BadgeTitle: Quick FallQuickFall_500pix

Author: Michelle Dayton

Published: October 8, 2018

Publisher: Self-published

Series: Tracy Brothers #2

Genres: Contemporary Romance



 Justin Tracy, the perennial life of the party, is used to being teased by his friends about his success with the ladies.  Not that he’ll ever get serious with one.  Why should he?  His life is absolutely perfect the way it is. But at his brother’s bachelor party, a drunken bet about his womanizing skill gets a little out of control. Before he knows it, his friends have invited his new tenant – a woman he’s never even met – to go to his brother’s wedding with him.

Single mom Maddy Trainor has just moved back to Chicago, ready to reclaim her life and conquer the city.  Maddy’s determined to get her new business off the ground and build a happy home for her son, Teddy.   She didn’t expect a gorgeous landlord, but ogling Justin Tracy is definitely a bonus to her new apartment.

Justin intends to apologize to Maddy for the out-of-the-blue wedding invitation and get gone, but his new neighbor turns out to be funny, whip-smart, and sexy as hell.  Why not take her to the wedding for real?  Just as friends, of course.  To Maddy, the wedding – one night of champagne and dancing with a self-admitted Peter Pan – sounds like amazing no-strings fun.  But the sparks that blaze between the two of them can’t be contained to one night.  And two people who think they have life figured out are about to realize they know nothing about love …

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 My Review

Oh, you cannot even believe how much I loved this book! Yes, it does have some very small issues I am not quite comfortable, from a reviewer point of view, but now several days after finishing it, I cannot remember what I did not like. I only remember the feelings, I only remember the good stuff. So that makes it very close to a five star read.

So what do we have here that makes this book so good? We have Maddy Trainor, a single mom to a very smart kid I might add, who has put herself on hold even form a young age to give her son the proper attention and education. Back to Chicago, she struggles to start her own business and reacquaint herself with a city that was once her scene. Then we have Justin Tracy – one of the most eligible bachelors, always with a different girl, smart, charming and very attractive – who leases his downstairs apartment to the brave woman forced to raise his child alone. A bet brings them together, as friends and neighbors and through that bet, he invites her to his brother’s wedding, just to help out her starting business.

The premises are interesting and some may argue that they are even common. But they have a relationship based on honesty in all aspects but one – love and its consequences. Because they both have been burnt once and don’t plan on getting it again. Still, what wrong would it do to have a no strings attached relationship, as long as both know how things are? I am not sure who has conquered who’s heart, but definitely little Teddy, Maddy’s son, plays such an important role.

The writing is very easy and beautiful. There are simple words what are so full of emotions! I read it in one night and I was so sorry it ended! The attention to family development is beautiful and I really appreciate that the author has not lost side of things and Maddy remains a devoted mother thought the book. There is a small mention about diversity in relationships, but that’s not the point of the story.

Even if towards the end I felt that the things kind of dragged and the conclusion was too sudden, this book made me feel so much and gave me that cozy feeling any romance book should bring to its reader. I loved it so so much. Well, to be completely honest until the end, I was expecting it! I mean, come on, “Fast Ride” (review here) was amazing as well. I had my expectations met! 4.5 stars and my “thank yous” to the author for bringing us such a great story!


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There are only three things Michelle Dayton loves more than sexy and suspenseful novels: her family, the city of Chicago, and Mr. Darcy. Michelle dreams of a year of world travel – as long as the trip would include weeks and weeks of beach time. As a bourbon lover and unabashed wine snob, Michelle thinks heaven is discussing a good book over an adult beverage

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