Happy Anniversary LBW!

Here we are again, one more year has passed. And what a year it’s been. I tried and failed then pushed myself back over and over again. This has been a year of finding balance.

It’s hard to remember the first year of blogging and I am not referring here to the first article or the first e-mail from a publisher or an author, but to the emotional impact, the psychological effect it had. 4 years ago I was undecided, lost and with a mind shattered in a million pieces. So I started doing something that was meant to keep me sane, together. This blog has been my companion through deception, loss, pain (physical or emotional), love and so much more. Reading has been with me through it all.


Last year, on this day, I knew exactly where I wanted to go with my blog and somehow I got there. Yes, with trial and error, but I can now say I found my balance. I found the maturity I was lacking, the responsibility of creating a review or a simple blog post. And it’s also your contribution. Your support means a lot, the writers mean a lot because they give me my medicine. Because reading is cool and fun and smart and intense, oh, so intense!

After 4 years, I am ready for the next step and I want to take it together with you. Thank you for everything, as little or as much as you did. I am looking forward to spend my 5th anniversary with you guys next year also. Be positive, be happy and be loved! May you have a 2020 with the best emotions out there.

Until next time, Happy Anniversary, LBW!

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