Weekly Quote #14


Hey Guys,

I hope all is well in your part of the world and I hope wherever you are you are healthy and starting the week in a good mood, as I am trying to do as well.

Last week I read a total of 3 books, one of which was a novella and also I am half way through a beta project – but more on that in another article. Out of all these books, I have selected a quote from “Finding Home on Winslow Island” by Chrissy Elliot. This book is about a doctor so focused on his career that he forgot the main reason why he became a doctor. All it takes is a week visiting his family, a glitter encounter and…scones for him to soften a little of his edges. Tessa, the heroine, lives for her mom and her son. No room for romance in her life at the moment. But looks like the local celebrations and the small town meddling have an influence on everybody.

Since determining his symptoms and diagnosis, Parker decided a temporary course of treatment was essential.

He was going to kiss Tessa.

I cannot wait to share my full review with you. I loved this book a lot and I am sure I will continue with the series 🙂

Until next time, let me know in the comments below what you have read in the past week and if you have a favorite quote.

I wish you all a great week 🙂


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