November Wrap Up

November was another difficult month. In the end, things turned out ok but the struggle was not to be ignored and it had consequences. With all the things happening, I did manage to read 26 books and one of them was even a buddy read. The experience was great and I had an amazing companion. But more on that once the review will be up.

Here is what I’ve managed to finish:

  1. Healer’s Need by Rhenna Morgan
  2. Beauty and the Greek Billionaire by Stefanie London
  3. Between the Shadows by Casi Mclean
  4. Wishes and Wellingtons by Julie Berry
  5. The Chronothon by Nathan Van Coops
  6. Who by Megan Mitcham
  7. Heart Of A Seal by Dixie Lee Brown
  8. Honor Among Seals by Dixie Lee Brown
  9. Damaged by Jeanne St. James
  10. Fever Rising by K. M. Riley
  11. The Billionaire’s Sham Girlfriend by Leslie North
  12. Cleopatra VII: Egypt’s Last Pharaoh by Laurel A. Rockefeller
  13. Who Would You Choose? by J.M. Bronston
  14. Watcher by AJ Eversley
  15. Shadow Play by Jill Ramsower
  16. Twilight Siege by Jill Ramsower
  17. Inkling by Kenneth Oppel
  18. Love Over Logic by Diana A. Hicks
  19. The Gypsy Thorn by Sherry Rentschler
  20. Time and Blood by Sherry Rentschler
  21. Love and Blood by Sherry Rentschler
  22. Game All Night by Lauren Helms
  23. Lizzy’s Kiss by Karen Tjebben
  24. Surrender to You by Nikki Mays
  25. Addicted to You by Nikki Mays
  26. City of Braas by S.A. Chakraborty

All these mentioned, I’ll move on to preparing my TBR and list of articles for December. It’s the end of the year and lots of planning for 2019 has to happen, too many promises that I will not be able to keep, but all that is known already… and also on the list of improvements.

Until next time, a very happy reading to all J

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